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As a frequently worldwide competing Martial artist I have had masseurs and masseuses all over the world of a broad variety of different massage styles. To this day, the Lebarai-Team has not been matched by anyone else around the world regarding the in depths knowledge about the human body and for that matter the ability to release and heal tensions, infections and injured body parts.


No matter which body part is in pain, the Lebarai-Team will find it and release the tensions. Time and again I am amazed about the amount of passion they put into their work and how much they do make sure that your body continuously improves it's  well being.


Without the amazing work of the Lebarai-Team, there is no way I could recover that fast from the hard trainings or competitions. In case of an injury, they know exactly what to do in order to improve and speed up the healing process. Without the amazing work of the Lebarai-Team, many of the successes would not have been possible. 1 x World Champion, 1 x Pan-American champion, 2 x European champion, 3 x Asian champion, 1 x Brazilian national champion, currently #1 ranked Master 3 Blue Belt  of the World.

This is not a payed add, this is my personal opinion and in depths firm conviction about how outstandingly amazing and passionately they execute their job.

Mirco Karjalainen

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